Monday, June 4, 2012

How the beggar boy turned into count Piro

Once upon a time there lived a man who had only one son, a lazy, stupid boy, who would never do anything he was told. His name was Piro. When the father was dying, he sent for his son and told him that he would soon be left alone in the world, with no possessions but the small cottage they lived in, and a pear tree which grew behind it, and that, whether he liked it or not, he would have to work, or else he would starve. Then the old man died.
But the boy did not work; instead, he idled about as before, contenting himself with eating the pears off his tree, which, unlike other pear trees before or since, bore fruit the whole year round. Indeed, the pears were so much finer than any you could get even in the autumn, that one dayin the middle of the winter; they attracted the notice of a fox that was creeping by.
The fox asked the pears to the boy and the fox gave it to the king. The fox said it was a prince who gave the pears. The fox gave the pears to the king for several times before he asked the king to marry his daughter to Piro. By tricking the king, the fox tried to convince the king that prince Piro was a very rich person. The fox showed a big castle which actually belonged to an Ogre to the king and said it belonged to count Piro. The fox had tricked the ogre too by locking them in an underground prison so the count Piro can get all the castle and all the wealth that the ogre had before. 

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