Thursday, February 19, 2009


IDIOM: R and R
MEANING: Rest and Relaxation (a vacation)
EXAMPLE: I need some R and R. I've been working too hard.

IDIOM: race against time
MEANING: something must be finished by a deadline, due date, or certain time
EXAMPLE: We're in a race against time to finish the sales brochure before the big sale.

IDIOM: It's raining cats and dogs.
MEANING: to rain very hard
EXAMPLE: It's raining cats and dogs outside! I've never seen it rain so hard!

IDIOM: rain or shine
MEANING: no matter what the weather is
EXAMPLE: We're moving to our new aprtment tomorrow, rain or shine.

IDIOM: to read someone's mind
MEANING: to know what someone is thinking
EXAMPLE: Teachers can't read your mind. If you don't understand, you've got to ask a question!

IDIOM: red tape
MEANING: complications; difficulties
EXAMPLE: There is a lot of red tape involved in building a new skyscraper.

IDIOM: right away
MEANING: immediately
EXAMPLE: We need to leave right away, or we'll miss the train!

IDIOM: to rub someone the wrong way
MEANING: to bother someone; irritate someone; annoy someone
EXAMPLE: The girls' loud voices are rubbing everyone the wrong way today. They have gotten several dirty looks from passersby in the mall.

IDIOM: to run out of
MEANING: to use up the supply of something
EXAMPLE: I hope we don't run out of gas before we reach the gas station.

IDIOM: feel run-down
MEANING: to feel unwell; weak; fatigued
EXAMPLE: You look run-down. Have you seen a doctor lately?

IDIOM: (be) run-down
MEANING: in poor condition; needing repair
EXAMPLE: This neighborhood is very old. All the buildings look really run-down.

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