Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the old man and his pet

One day, there was an old man living in an old hut. He had no one except his lovely pets, a couple of bird. They always made him happy by singing everyday. Without them, the old man thought that live was nothing. He had a family but they had gone already. His wife died in a car accident and his two daughters were there with their mother. He was very sad and felt so deppressed to hear the news. So, he decided to find a lonely place to live. In an old hut in a high mountain. Everyday, he got his food from the trees he planted himself. There were still wide fields in the place where he lived. He didn’t want to bother someone and wanted to buried his sadness in his old hut.
Live was just as usual  when he started his morning. But there was something wrong. He couldn't hear his bird singing. When he went to the cage of the bird, he felt so surprised to find one of the bird died. The other bird was also seem so sad  to find its mate died.  Feeling so sorry to know the mate of his bird died, he planned to free the bird. When he freed the bird, it wasn’t fly at once. It waited for its mate. But after several hours of not moving, the bird flied to find foods around. Weeks went by, the old man was alone for the second time because of the birds dead. But suddenly, he heard a singing of a bird. He knew the singing. It was the singing of his old pet. Surprised by the singing, he went out to look for where the sound was. Surprisingly, he found out his pet. But now, it wasn't alone anymore. It found its new mate. And it looked happy. He saw the birds for somewhile, and thought, “the bird can continue its life well. It finds its new life. Why don’t i do that? Why should i live in this place alone. There are lot of things can be done outside”. Start from that day, the old man came down from his little old hut to the city and started his new life. “Life must go on” he thought.

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