Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Teaching our children 5

    Raise your child to be a powerful jihad warrior for Allah. There is a name for the process by which we must carry out our responsibility as the Khalifah of Allah. That process is called jihad. Jihad does not mean Holy War as is so often claimed by the Western news media. Jihad means Holy Struggle. Jihad is the struggle for good to overcome evil. Jihad is the struggle to make the Will of Allah win against the influence of Shaitan. That we have been given jihad as a means to overcome Shaitan is a great Blessing and Mercy from Allah. There are two types of jihad, the lesser jihad and the greater jihad. The difference between those two forms of jihad was made clear to the companions of the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) as they were returning home after success on the battlefield. The companions were proclaiming the victory as a great jihad, to which the Prophet(peace be upon him) replied that the struggle on the battlefield was the lesser jihad, and that they were returning home to carry out the greater jihad. When asked what he meant, the Prophet(peace be upon him) answered that the greater jihad was the never ending struggle against evil within one's self in day to day life to make sure that every deed, every word and even every thought was fully in accord with the Will of Allah. So important is this inner struggle against the influence of Shaitan that we can never win the lesser jihad unless we are winning the greater jihad. The lesser jihad is the struggle against any person or thing that fights against Islam, but please never believe your children must be sent out into the world to use violence in the struggle against evil. While it is true jihad has before taken place through violent warfare on the battlefield, we must hope that never again becomes necessary. Only if attacked with violence, and even then only if there is no viable alternative, can violence be used in the fight against evil. In Islam the use of violence to successfully carry out the lesser jihad may sometimes be allowed, but it is never preferred. We must forever strive to ensure that we protect our children from ever being faced with that unfortunate necessity. We must prepare our children to successfully carry out this Holy Struggle of good against evil. Children must be effectively taught that there is a right way and a wrong way in absolutely everything. The right way is always the way Allah wants it to be, and the wrong way is always following the influence of Shaitan. There is no possible deed, word, or thought that is not part of our jihad. Our children must be taught to view their life in this way, as a constantly vigilant jihad warrior. Children must be helped to understand that just as it is the greatest of possible honours to be chosen by Allah as His Khalifah, it is equally a responsibility of great honour to carry out jihad as a warrior for Allah. Children must learn that to be a jihad warrior means fighting successfully against the cunning and never ending attacks from Shaitan, who only wants to lure us from the path of goodness that Allah has ordained for us. The loss of even one seemingly unimportant battle against Shaitan can be the beginning of a series of further losses, subtly increasing in importance, that eventually lead to the loss of the ultimate battle against Shaitan, and to lose that battle is to lose eternity in Paradise. Now I can not stress too highly how very, very important it is that you as parents give this information to your children in a way that imprints deeply onto their hearts and into their minds. Our jihad as Khalifah of Allah is to be carried out unwaveringly at every moment of our lives. Anything less will surely please Shaitan For young children I would suggest they be told such things as:
    1. It is important we do a good job as Allah’s Khalifah, so He has given us a way to carry out that job.
    2. Allah is so kind to us He wants to make sure we will be successful Khalifah.
    3. The way to be a good Khalifah of Allah is called jihad.
    4. Jihad means to fight against everything bad and try to make everything be good.
    5. Allah loves everything that is good and doesn’t like anything that is bad.
    6. Allah wants us to love everything good and not like all the bad things just as He does.
    7. Shaitan fights against everything Allah likes.
    8. Shaitan wants to make us do bad things and doesn’t like us doing good things.
    9. Jihad is the fight against Shaitan.
    10. We are Allah’s warriors in the battle against Shaitan.
    11. Both boys and girls are Allah’s warriors in the fight against Shaitan.
    12. Allah’s jihad warriors try to fight against the bad things by being real good.
    13. Sometimes Shaitan gets in our thoughts and tries to get us to do bad things.
    14. Those bad things can be what we do, words we say, or even thoughts we think.
    15. We have to fight real hard to make sure Shaitan never gets us do bad things.
    16. Allah only wants us to do good things, so because we love Allah so much we should always try to do good things.
    17. Sometimes Shaitan tries to get other people to fight against everything good that Allah wants, so we have to find ways to stop those people who want bad things.
    18. We have to be sure we are real good inside so we can win the fight against those who want the bad things.
    19. If other people try to get us to do bad things we have to be sure we are such strong jihad warriors that they can never get us to do those bad things.
    20. Shaitan never ever stops trying to get us to do bad things so we have to keep watch over goodness all the time to protect it for Allah.
    21. Even real small bad things are important to fight against because they can lead us to bigger and bigger bad things.
    22. If we love Allah and do all the good things He wants us to do we will go to Paradise, and that is the very best thing that can happen.
    23. Shaitan wants to keep us from going to Paradise so that is why he tries to get us to do bad things, because people who do lots of real bad things don’t get to go to paradise.
    24. We have to fight against Shaitan and fight against doing bad things for our whole life.
    25. It is wonderful to be a jihad warrior for Allah, fighting against the bad influence of Shaitan and getting to do everything good that Allah loves.

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