Thursday, May 3, 2012

Present progressive

The present progressive puts emphasis on the course or duration of an action.
Time line
The present progressive is used for actions going on in the moment of speaking and for actions taking place only for a short period of time. It is also used to express development and actions that are arranged for the near future.
Present progressive is also known as present continuous.
Use a form of to be and the infinite verb plus -ing.
  • am with the personal pronoun I
  • is with the personal pronouns heshe or it (or the singular form of nouns)
  • are with the personal pronouns youwethey (or the plural form of nouns)
Iam not playing.Am I playing?
he, she, itHe is playing.He is not playing.Is he playing?
you, we, theyYou are playing.You are not playing.Are you playing?

Tips on how to form negative sentences and questions

In negative sentences, we put not between the form of be and the verb.
In questions, we simply swop the places of subject and the form of be.

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