Monday, March 21, 2011

speech contest about the impact of western culture

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh
Thanks to Allah, the only God and guide, for giving me health and occasion to present my speech in front of you… and thanks to our prophet Muhammad SAW who guide us to the right path and to the greatest moment ever, the moment of the Islamic era. Not forget, thanks for the committees and the adjudicators, mr…………., mrs……………., and mr………… who give me time to stand up here and deliver some sentences about western culture and nation’s morality.
Recently, as we see in our daily life, the western culture has infiltrated too much to our culture. Punk teenager for example, we can find them everywhere in the corner of the city. Even, several times ago, they become a topic in a newspaper because of their action of punching a bus driver. The phenomena of punkers happen not only in Solo but in every part of cities in Indonesia. As we know, punk is not originally from Indonesia. It comes from America which is usually used to call a music genre which has fast, hard-edged music, typically with short songs, stripped-down instrumentation. And punker is used to call the lovers of punk, including their performance.
The other example of western culture which infiltrate in Indonesian culture is promiscuity. If we see around us, the Indonesian youth has no longer shame to show their romanticism with their boyfriend or their girlfriend in public area. Even, in the big city, they have no shame to kiss their mate although they are not a husband and wife. So, how could it happen to the country which the majority of its people are Muslim? Let’s find out!
If we look around us, we will find a very big change in our society, especially in technology. In the past, people got news only from printed media just like newspapers and magazines which was usually printed locally. However, now people can easily find what they need in the internet, locally and internationally. As a result, the information about culture from other countries can be gotten by our youth easily and then they practice it in their life. Although some of the cultures are good, but some are bad. And it becomes a problem if they do not have any guidance from the eldest who can differentiate the good and the bad. The western culture has a very great influence to the youth because it is always seen to be modern.
This condition is aggravated by the minimum knowledge about religion and the minimum education. We know that the knowledge about religion is playing a great role in making someone to be good or bad. People who have good knowledge about religion usually have a good behavior. And it is very helpful to control the influence of the negative western cultures. As religion, education will also contribute a great deal. Well education will minimize the bad influence of other cultures. People who know about the negative side of becoming punker for example, will not follow to be a punker although their friends did.
Of course, this is not an easy job to make the youth aware about the importance of morality in their life. It needs cooperation between various parties such as family, teachers, government, and the environment. They should be ready to give an example and education about how to hide the negative effect of western culture to the youth gradually and continually.
In the last of my speech, I’d like to remind myself and the youth of Muslim to always learn our religion and our culture well so that we are kept by Allah from the negative effect of bad cultures.
Thank you for your attention, wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

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chutiya bana to koi thar te sikha bahn ke lodo thari ma k abosda banchodo aur kuch nahi paya

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