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speech contest about qualified teenager

To the honorable, the adjudicators mr…………….., mrs…………….and mrs………….
To the honorable ladies and gentleman who present here to see this nice competition.
And to all my sweet competitors whom I love.
Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
First of all, I would like to say thank you for the time given to me, so I can deliver my speech here. But before that, let’s say our thanks to Allah, the lord of the universe who always gives us His blessing and mercy so we can be here in health condition. And may sholawat and salam be given to our lovely and the last prophet Muhammad SAW who guides us to the right path and way, Islam.
Today, I’d like to present a speech about being qualified teenagers. What is qualified teenager actually?
To answer the question, we need to separate those words and then define them one by one. According to the oxford dictionary, the word qualified is defined as something which reaches the standard of ability or knowledge needed to do a particular job,and teenager is defined as a person who is between 13 and 19 years old. So, a qualified teenager can be defined as a person who is between 13 and 19 years old and has reaches the standard of ability and knowledge. As a Muslim, to be qualified teenagers is a must, not only in general knowledge but also in religion knowledge. Rasulullah SAW told us in his hadith, do something for the world as you life forever and pray to Allah as you’ll die tomorrow. From this hadith, we are asked to do the
best in our life which means we should be the qualified person. teen is a great age when people can get more knowledge in their life. So, it depends on us whether we want to learn something good for increasing our knowledge or learn something bad which can lead our future into the dark. For hiding us from learning something bad, Islam has shown us the way:
First, know your God well. In Islam, knowing Allah is the most important thing in our life because if we have known about our God well, we will think so many times if we want to do something. We will always have guidance in doing something. And by knowing Allah, we will always do the best for our life because we believe that Allah will pay anything we do in the world.
Second, find a good friend. Rasulullah in his hadith also told us about it. He said if you make a friend with a smith, you’ll get its fire and if you make a friend with a perfume seller, at least you’ll get its fragrant. The hadith means that if we make a friend with a person who does something bad, we have possibility to follow what he does gradually, and if we make a friend with someone who does something good, we have possibility to do it also. So, to be a qualified teenager, we need to find qualified friends.
Third, read and practice. As we know, the first surah which is revealed to our prophet Muhammad SAW is Al Alaq which is started with the word “read”. The word “read” in this surah gives us a great lesson. Something which is started with reading will give you a better result. We can explore the world only by reading and we can do something which is shown in the book if we read it. It is just like a proverb which says that book is a window of the world. If we see qualified person in the past, they started their achievement by reading. Imam Syafi’i for example, he read lot of books in his spare time and never left a night without reading, and now he became great imam in Islam. Another example is Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. Most people use his product. How could he do that? The answer is by reading and practicing. When Bill Gates was studying in the elementary school, he liked to read articles about programming and computing. And after reading the articles, he practiced it with his friends. And now, we can see the result, Microsoft conquers the world.
As the closing from me, I want to ask you this question:
are you ready to be qualified teenagers?
Are you ready to change the world?
Come on young Muslim, gonna raise up and conquer the world!
Thank you for your attention. Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wbarakaatuh.

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