Friday, October 7, 2011

Kisi2 mid semester 1
1. exclamation utterance (ungkapan kagum/memuji): (materi tambahan)
Utterance: response:
What a nice dress! (betapa indah gaunnya!) Thank you
What a beautiful country! (indah negara in!) Yes. It is
How big it is! (betapa besar hal ini!) I have no doubt about it
Such a nice bag! (betapa indah tas ini!) Thank you.
2. offering help and asking help! (materi tambahan)
Offering help (menawarkan bantuan): response:
Do you need some help? (apakah kamu butuh bantuan?) oh, thank you very much
May i help you? (bolehkah saya membantumu?) yes, please
Do you like me to help? (apakah butuh bantuanku?) it’s very kind of you
Asking help (meminta bantuan) response:
Can you help me?( bbisakah kau membantuku?) yes, sure
Would you like to help me, please!(bisakah membantuku?) yes, no,problem
Do you mind helping me? (apakah kamu keberatan membantuku? I’m sorry, i can’t
3. giving opinion about movie, person in movies (book page 36)
4.inviting someone (page 51 ) (materi tambahan)
5. like and dislike (page 46)
6. telling past event (menceritakan ccerita yang sudah terjadi), using verb 2 (page 38, 129)
7. the use of there, they’re, their, were, where, its, it’s (page 42)
8. the use of comparative and superlative forms (48, 49, 130, 131, 133)
Pelajari juga kosakata-kosakata yang ada di buku. Gud luck!

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