Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Grasshopper and the ant

One summer day, a grasshopper and an ant were in the woods. The grasshopper played all day long. The ant worked very hard all day.
The ant said, “Grasshopper, all you do is play. You need to work. You should put away food for the winter.” The grasshopper looked at the ant and smiled. He said, “Work is no fun. I like to play. I can work another day.”
All summer, the ant worked very hard. He put food away for the winter. The grasshopper played everyday and didn’t put away any food.
In a very short time, it was winter. The snow fell in the woods, and it was very cold. The grasshopper knocked on the ant’s door. He said, “I’m hungry. It’s cold. What should I do? Do you have enough food for two?” The ant answered, “There’s time for work and time for fun. I saved food for only one. “The ant closed his door. The grasshopper said, “I didn’t work. What did I play? Where can I find food on this winter day?” He walked away and started to look for food in the woods.

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