Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Tree is the largest plant of all plants. The tallest tree grows over 61 metres in height. Many trees also live longer than other plants. Some trees sometimes live over thousand of years. They are the oldest living things that men know.
People think that trees are different from other plants. Most of other plants grow only for short time and then die. People think of trees as a permanent part of the landscape.
Trees continue to grow as long as they live. They grow new leaves and flowers. Leaves of a tree make food. The food makes the tree alive and help it grows. The flowers grow into fruit. The fruit contains seeds for making new trees.
Trees are different from other plants like herbs and shrubs. Most teees grow at least 4.6 to 6.1 metres but herbs and shrubs are much shorter than trees. Trees have one wood stem, which is called a trunk. Herbs have soft and juicy stem. Shurbs are like trees, they have woody stem but one shrub has more than one stem, and none of the stem of the shrubs grows so thick or tall as a tree trunk.
There are thousands of kinds of trees. But most trees belong to one of two main groups. They are boarfleaf trees and needleleaf trees. These two tipes of trees grow in many parts of the world. Most other types of trees, such as palms and tree ferns grow mainly in warm region.

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